"The art of life consists in the creation of an original and unique self." ~ John Cowper Powys

Steve Clark is my guitar hero. Like all the great guitarists in the world, he had something extra special; something that was purely Steve. Just like there is only one Jimmy Page, one Randy Rhoads, one Joe Satriani and one Eric Clapton, there is only one Steve Clark. The late, great Def Leppard man had a distinctive style that was all his own. Steve possessed a “magic” that was unique to him. There was this aura about him. And he just oozed cool!

He was a musician who knew the rules of music, he was classically trained; a guitar player who wore his heart on his sleeve every time he took to the stage. His soul bled through his guitar. He had the ability to produce the most stunning guitar riffs that would make you go WOW and gasp in awe! And as a showman, Steve was the best! Nobody could play the guitar like Steve ‘Steamin” Clark. The Great Man owned the stage and had the audience transfixed on his entertaining performances and musical skills and technique. Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin was Steve’s idol and Steve spent his whole life playing Zeppelin tunes and copying the moves and “shape throwing” of Page. So, although Steve was heavily influenced by Page, which is evident when you watch Steve perform, he grew into one of the most individual, talented, musician’s ever to grace planet earth. And, thankfully, God had blessed us with his talents and musical genius, even if it was only for a short time. I believe that without Steve’s creative force, the success of Def Leppard may never have achieved the superstar status they gained in the 1980s. In the words of Def Leppard’s frontman “Steve was like God Almighty on guitar…”


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