STEVE and GEC Traction

Back before Steve had signed a record deal and found superstardom, he was said to have worked as a lathe operator at an engineering works in industrial Sheffield in 1978.

I’ve had the great pleasure to meet with one of Steve’s old friends a few years ago,who used to work alongside him as a fellow apprentice. His name is Andy and he sent me a photo that another friend and workmate (called Chris) had found of a young Mr Clark on a night out in Retford with some of the lads from GEC Traction.

GEC Traction was the engineering works that Steve worked for and undertook his apprenticeship. The company, nor the building exists any more in Sheffield and for those of you wondering what a Lathe actually is, here’s what Andy told me (in that wonderful broad South Yorkshire accent):

“Right, Mr Clark went from school to GEC Traction an’ took an apprenticeship like me – I was a fitter (bench work) and he [Steve] was a machinist (working on a lathe, a machine that stood horizontal which would spin a piece of metal at fast speeds an’ he would turn/shape/form it) to suit a drawing. GEC made diesel-electric train motors for British, Irish, South African, South Korean railway trains an’ a few other railways.

Steve worked in the “gear shop”, a stinky rat hole that had a big high roof an’ the “cigarette seller man” worked very near him of which he never seemed to buy and fags to pay me back!! Ho ho, bless ‘im!! [Andy had told me that Steve was always “borrowing” cigarettes from him but never seemed to reimburse him!]

Wish I had a pic of Steve in his work clothes now that WOULD be a good one !!! Blue cloth hat with a hair net round the back with all that hair tied back, blue overalls with GEC printed on them, safety goggles, steel toe-capped shoes …. get a load of that !!!!!! ho, ho”

With much thanks to Andy M and Chris H for the photo.

Steve and GEC Traction