Welcome to the media section where you can peruse various rare and priceless audio and video footage featuring Steve as well as learning and watching how to play some of Steve’s great music.

We have two YouTube galleries currently:


Guitar School: Ben’s Masterclass of Clark guitar demos, covers and tutorials

I’ve selected some great videos from bwm5150’s YouTube channel which mostly focus on Steve’s work including solos and ride-outs. There are a few videos that have been made “exclusively” for Steve Clark Guitar.com so you won’t find them on YouTube. Ben has a Facebook page where he provides guitar tabs: bwm5150 on Facebook


A selection of some of rare and priceless footage featuring Steve Clark

Enjoy some rare and priceless footage of Steve in rare band performances, TV appearances, tribute videos, chat and unofficial live footage. Unfortunately the quality of some videos are not the best due to them being from old VHS and camera recordings. Great stuff regardless! 

Photo: Ross Halfin

Photo: Ross Halfin