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A Moment In Time – Debbi Dickinson

Special thanks to Robert for his contribution to “Steve’s Gear” page.

Steve Clark Memorial lithograph and pastel portrait – by Ecko. Thank You!

Steve Clark pencil portrait – by Paul Smith. Thank You!

Def Leppard Caricature – Artist Unknown. Thanks to Lisa for providing it!

Steve portrait – by Kalli Cameron

Steve Clark Memorial Ribbon on “Dedication” page – I can’t remember where I found this. If it’s you who created this please contact me.

Fly To The Angels lyrics – Slaughter

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Guitarist Guide – Axe Grind excerpt courtesy of The Rock Hole.

Special thanks to Hurricane Joe for the “Steamin’ Solos” information and “Steve Clark – The Musician” interview.

Special thanks to Phil Collen, Val, Helen L Simmons-Collen and www.mydefleppard.com for the “All About Steve” Q&A videos.

Thanks to AndyLGR and Pinealmouth

A Vision Into Torturous Grace written by Belladonna

Jol Dantzig for his information on the Hamer Guitars page

Chris at Hamerfanclub.com

Zachary Tan for the Digital/vector images of Steve’s guitars

Special thanks to Lorelei Shellist

Una Williams Photography




Animal Instinct by David Fricke

Circus magazine

Raw Magazine

Metal Hammer Magazine

Smash Hits magazine

Kerrang Magazine

Hit Parader Magazine

NME Magazine

Guitar For The Practicing Musician Magazine

Metal Mania Def Leppard (Robus books)

Musician Magazine

Guitarist Magazine

Classic Rock Magazine

Rock Scene magazine

Young Guitar magazine

Two Steps Ahead by Dave Bower & Bryan Dray

Metal Edge Magazine

Fabulist Icons by Mike Rogers


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