23rd April 1960 – 8th January 1991



Dear Steve,

Thank you for everything you gave to us. There are so many people out there in the world who love you, and miss you so much. Your music filled my world when I was young and growing up. I’ll never forget those days back in the 80s. I fell in love with you and that love grew stronger and stronger over the years. I still love you to this day and I always will. There’s not a force in the universe that will change that. 

You’re always in my thoughts and I dedicate this website to your memory. You are very special to me and you deserve a website so that people can remember and learn about the amazing musician you are. You are indeed a true guitar legend. And by far the coolest the planet has ever seen.
Thank you for being you Steve… all my love, Bev.

“And so you’ve got to fly…
Fly to the angels…
Heaven awaits your heart…
And flowers bloom in your name…”
~A Moment in Time~

Time passes, but not the love I have for you,

Nor the ache inside of me because you are not.

You were with us for as long as God allowed.

You were real. You existed. You counted.

You were with us only a short time,

But it was time enough to grow to love you.

For you to make a difference in our lives.

You could not stay,

But the thought of you will forever remain,

As the love this day tempered by the pain.