Big thanks to Lorelei Shellist for sharing some more of her private collection of photos and memories of our beloved Steve. She’s put together a video montage of their trip to Antigua in 1988.

It’s wonderful to see these photos. They look happy, which is what I like as a lot of people seem to have this idea that Steve was constantly miserable. No he wasn’t! He had a lot of fun and happy times throughout his life. This is the way he should be remembered.

Lorelei says: “In honor of the 26th year of Steve’s passing I thought I would share memories and photographs from a trip we made to Antigua in 1988. These pictures were taken with a tiny little Minox camera that I bought Steve. It was a sort of James Bond kind of camera that fit in the pocket of his jeans. In these photographs you will see Steve Crotty from Pizzas in Paradise, his daughter India, Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze, Bad Company guitarist Simon Kirk, Tour agent Brooks Ogden, and me! Sharing happy times of ours.”