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That’s right. Apparently legendary rock superstar and former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant had been to a Def Leppard show while they were on one of their US legs of their Hysteria World Tour in 1988 and after the gig he asked Steve to join his band.
Ross Halfin, who was one of the main photographers of Def Leppard back in the 80’s was on that tour and was there the night Plant spoke with Steve.

He says: “Steve Clark and I were always very close. He was a true friend of mine.

In Chicago, Robert Plant came to see the show and after watching Steve, Plant asked Steve to join his band. Steve seriously considered this…”
Halfin, however suggested Steve should stay with Def Leppard – a much bigger and better band.

[SOURCE: Def Leppard: The Definitive Visual History by Ross Halfin].

Phil Collen has also stated that Robert Plant was interested in and wanted to have Steve join him at one time, during his mini video series “All About Steve Clark” in 2011. When he is asked the question – Did Steve ever consider working or playing with other musicians as a guest musician and Do you think at some point he might have done a solo album/project?, in his answer he mentions the Robert Plant connection: “I know that, em, Robert Plant wanted Steve to play with him at some point”, and he tags on “I think” to the end of that sentence. 😉

[SOURCE: All about Steve Clark Part 2. At 4 min 37 sec.]

For Steve Clark fans, this is actually very big news!! Huge news! Robert Plant wanted Steve Clark!

Rock Stars don’t come much bigger than that. It’s interesting as to why this has never been mentioned before. I would love to have known what Robert Plant had said to Steve and what ideas were in his mind at the time.

I’d also loved to have known what Steve’s own private thoughts about this would’ve been. Such an amazing opportunity for him, to have been able to have had a chance of working with one of his heroes and exploring new musical avenues, To me, this is the type of thing that would’ve been right up Steve’s street.



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Big thanks to Lorelei Shellist for sharing some more of her private collection of photos and memories of our beloved Steve. She’s put together a video montage of their trip to Antigua in 1988.

It’s wonderful to see these photos. They look happy, which is what I like as a lot of people seem to have this idea that Steve was constantly miserable. No, he wasn’t. He had a lot of fun and happy times throughout his life. This is the way he should be remembered. 🙂

Lorelei says: “In honor of the 26th year of Steve’s passing I thought I would share memories and photographs from a trip we made to Antigua in 1988. These pictures were taken with a tiny little Minox camera that I bought Steve. It was a sort of James Bond kind of camera that fit in the pocket of his jeans. In these photographs you will see Steve Crotty from Pizzas in Paradise, his daughter India, Glenn Tilbrook from Squeeze, Bad Company guitarist Simon Kirk, Tour agent Brooks Ogden, and me! Sharing happy times of our #steveclark #ripsteveclark #antigua #defleppard #guitarplayermagazine #Squeeze #badcompany #glenntillbrook #switch625”

Posted by Lorelei Shellist on Saturday, January 7, 2017



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8th January 2017

How time keeps on passing, but the memories never dim, never fade. We remember the Great Man Steve Clark on the 26th anniversary of his untimely passing and appreciate the music and joy he brought to so many people. And that super-bright dazzling smile. 🙂

Please take a moment to reflect by visiting the Anniversary Page where you can listen to the greatest song to ever be dedicated to Steve, Tesla’s “Song and Emotion”.

Thanks Tesla. And Thank You.



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There’s a new “album” listed on iTunes under Def Leppard titled “In The 80’s” with an early photo of the band featuring Pete Willis.

It turns out that this is an interview with Steve Clark during the Hysteria World Tour circa 1988, presumably somewhere in the US?

It’s wonderful to hear Steve’s voice as the audio is quite clear sounding.

It seems that whoever uploaded this audio has edited it in some way as the questions that are being put to Steve are cut for the most part and so all you are hearing is Steve’s answers, which means he’s changing from subject to subject instantly. This makes it a little bit tricky to follow in places, but on the whole you can follow it well.

I don’t believe it’s an official release as there would’ve been more detail about it or something said about it by the band somewhere.

There’s not much detail at all about the exact when and whereabouts of this interview unfortunately. The only other information available seems to be the ‘release date’ of 18th November 2016 and 2016 Greater London Ltd.

Anyway, it’s a great listen. It’s priced at £7.99 GBP on iTunes.

Def Leppard – In The 80s @ iTunes iTunes Store GB

Def Leppard – In The 80s @ Amazon UK Amazon UK

The audio CD will be released on 9th December and is available for pre-order now.



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One of the most common questions asked about the Hysteria album by guitar players and musicians is: “How do you get the Hysteria album sound?”


Of course that questions is not one that can be answered easily, but thanks to former Def Leppard guitar tech Mike Rogers and his brilliant book Fabulist Icons: A Fragment of Rock and Roll Life, we can fill in some of the pieces of the “sound jigsaw” that have been missing from this puzzle. Click here to find out what pieces of equipment Steve and the lads were messing around with during the Hysteria recording sessions that helped create the 1987 masterpiece!



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Check out this excellent video from bwm5150 in which he demo’s Steve’s guitar parts for Love Bites based on how Steve played it live on the Hysteria World Tour.

It’s another Steve Clark Guitar “exclusive” which was recorded for the 25th Anniversary of Steve’s passing back in January this year. Ben uses a 1987 “Steve Clark replica” Fender Stratocaster, just like the one Steve used himself in the official Love Bites video and on tour – same colour: Gunmetal Blue, Rosewood fretboard, Bill Lawrence pick-ups, modified wiring for alternative pick-up configurations and paper-in-oil capacitors. Steve’s guitar was fitted with a Kahler Fulcrum “Traditional Series” 2520 tremolo – a now-discontinued model. The one here in this video is fitted with a Super-Vee BladeRunner.

You can view this and other video clips from Ben over in the Media section under Ben’s Masterclassroom.






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The STEVE CLARK GUITAR In Loving Memory shop has a new storefront and colour-scheme which is more in line with the colours of the website itself. Please stop in and have a look by clicking here or following one of the navigation links in the Menus or Footer.

The store has currently three t-shirt designs available to purchase in a range of different colours and styles. At the store there are subcategories for Ladies Tee’s and Long-Sleeved tees. Please check out the “About Us” tab for information on shipping, tracking and returns.



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bwm5150 has been at work on another video where he demos the solo and guitar parts for the classic “Wasted”. It’s another exclusive to Steve Clark Guitar and has been added to Ben’s Masterclassroom in the media section. Thanks Ben!

In the video he demos Steve’s solo and then again runs through it at a much slower pace. Then after that he demonstrates other parts of the song, including the cool opening riff and some chord sections.

Ben also says about this song: “A couple of cool things Steve does in this, that I noticed while analysing it a bit further; I always knew this solo went a little ‘outside’ the scale but not exactly how. Most of the solo is your E Aeolian minor sound, but in the middle of line 2 he goes into an E Mixolydian sound for a phrase and then on lines 3 and 4 he hits the 16th fret of the B string which gives it an E Harmonic minor sound. That’s how I see it anyway. So yeah, he’s using more colour to make it a bit more… theatrical sounding to me.”

See the tab for reference: Wasted Solo and Parts tab by bwm5150 [PDF]






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Here’s another new video from bwm5150, where he demonstrates Steve’s wonderful Harmony solo for Don’t Shoot Shotgun. In the first section he demonstrates the album version with the harmony part in the window top right.

The second section is a live variation based on how Steve would play it live on the Hysteria Tour as this was on the set list during the early part of this tour. Again, this is exclusive to Steve Clark Guitar.

This video has been added to Ben’s Masterclassroom in the media section. Thanks again Ben 🙂




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New and exclusive to Steve Clark Guitar – a video from bwm5150 where he demonstrates Steve’s guitar parts only in this cover of Armageddon It from the In The Round In Your Face video. Have a look to get a visual idea of how to play Steve’s guitars on the live version of this song. This video has also been added to the media section under Ben’s Masterclassroom.