As pretty much every Def Leppard fan will know, the boys were football (soccer) fans, especially Joe and Sav. And frequently on their tours they would play football matches on a day off for fun or for charity.

Malvin Mortimer who was Steve’s guitar technician, fondly remembered some memories of Steve playing football back in the glory days.

“When Steve played soccer with us, you could never tell what he would do or where he would go next… so we gave him a ‘free role’ in the game.

He always enjoyed the games and would always treat us to a ‘banshee style’ charge into the opposition… I always worried that his fragile frame might collide with someone… leaving me to pick up the splinters… but he always managed to stay out of trouble.

He was real fun though and could actually play pretty good (if he could manage to stop laughing for a few seconds).”

Thanks to Malvin for these words and thanks to The Steve Clark Website for this information and the photograph