06/05/2017 | Posted in: News & Updates


The Def Leppard Hysteria Collectibles Auction goes live from 13th May through to 21st May 2017. And the major highlight of that auction is one Gibson Les Paul Custom formerly owned by The Great Man STEVE CLARK himself.

This particular guitar was used by Steve for filming the video for the Hysteria single during a couple of days in the midst of the Hysteria World Tour. Gibson sent him this one as his main stage guitar was at that time packed away in a shipping container. Afterwards it was given to a friend and former Def Leppard Tour Assistant Ed Bruder, who worked with the band during 1987 and 1988 on said tour.

This auction marks one of the very first times that a guitar from ‘The Riffmaster’ himself becomes publicly available. Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to own such an amazing instrument.

The action will also feature other memorabilia from the Hysteria era. Follow this link for more details on the auction: Def Leppard Hysteria Collectibles Auction

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