Def Leppard were simply the biggest band in the world in the mid to late 80’s. The record sales are there to prove it. They ruled the world and sold out everywhere in every country during their lengthy world tours. It’s one thing to be big in your own country… it’s another thing to conquer the world!

The band originated back in 1977 when Pete Willis and Rick Savage put a band together called Atomic Mass. Joe Elliott was hired as the lead singer and Tony  Kenning on drums. Steve Clark came in to make the band a twin guitar band and Savage took on the bass duties. The name Deaf Leopard was brought in by Joe and subsequently the spelling was altered to Def Leppard. From 1978 began a rollercoaster journey and out of it emerged one of British music’s finest and most successful bands.
STEVE’S BAND – Personnel:


Tony Kenning – Drums (Replaced by Rick Allen in 1978.)
Pete Willis – Guitars (Replaced by Phil Collen in 1982.)
Frank Noon was “borrowed” from The Next Band for a temporary role as drummer with the band until they hired Rick Allen in place of Tony Kenning.
THE LINE-UP to 1991:
Rick Allen – Drums                  Date of Birth: 1st Nov 1963
Steve Clark – Guitars               Date of Birth: 23rd April 1960
Phil Collen – Guitars                Date of Birth: 8th Dec 1957
Joe Elliott – Lead Vocals           Date of Birth: 1st Aug 1959
Rick ‘Sav’ Savage – Bass           Date of Birth: 2nd Dec 1960