Steve had three guitars as his main tour guitars for the Pyromania tour but was mostly found playing one of two: A Gibson Les Paul Standard or a Gibson Les Paul XR-1. The third one was his Gibson Les Paul Deluxe.

He also used an Alvarez Dreadnought acoustic guitar (with single cutaway body) for parts of his live set.

The Les Paul XR-1 was introduced by Gibson in 1981 and discontinued in 1983.

The XR-1 has a mahogany body with a carved maple top. The pick-ups are two exposed black/white coil Dirty Fingers humbucker pick-ups with individual volume and tone controls. It has the 3 way toggle switch for pick-up selection and also features a coil tap switch located near the volume/tone controls which splits the pick-up to a single coil tonal option.

The neck is a three-piece maple construction with a rosewood fretboard featuring pearl dot inlays. The XR-1 features chrome hardware and machine heads.

Steve with his Gibson Les Paul XR-1

Steve’s Gibson Les Paul Standard

Steve’s Les Paul Standard is a standard factory issue guitar except for the chrome Grover tuners fitted; therefore it is assumed that this guitar would have Gibson PAF humbucker pick-ups installed. However, Japan’s Young Guitar magazine makes reference to this guitar having possibly high output pick-ups fitted so it’s possible that Steve may have had a Dirty Fingers or similar powerful pick-up installed. Finished in tobacco sunburst this Les Paul Standard features trapezoid inlays on the rosewood fretboard. Steve used this Les Paul Standard on the High ‘n’ Dry tour as well.

Steve’s amplification equipment/backline and effects on the Pyromania tour consisted of Marshall JCM heads driving 4×12 cabinets. The cabinets had been modified slightly so that the speakers were placed at slight angles. And the three effects Steve used on this tour were a Boss Chorus, Boss Delay and a Morley Pre-amp Booster.

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Steve's Pyromania Tour Guitars

[img src=]17430Steve playing live with Gibson Les Paul XR-1
Fitted with 2x zebra colour "Dirty Fingers" Gibson pickups and features a coil-splitting switch for single coil effect.
[img src=]16350Steve's live rig for the Pyromania Tour
In this photo of Steve's rack the four Marshall heads on the left from top to bottom are: 1 = JMP, 2 = JMP, 3 = JCM800, 4 = JMP.
[img src=]15270Steve's effects pedals
The three effects Steve used on this tour were a Boss Chorus, Boss Delay and a Morley Pre-amp booster.
[img src=]12180Steve's Gibson Les Paul Standard
Stock Gibson Pyromania Tour Guitar
[img src=]10290Steve live with Gibson Les Paul Standard
Pyromania Tour
[img src=]8880Steve live with Gibson Les Paul XR-1
Pyromania Tour
[img src=]8860Steve during soundcheck with his Gibson Les Paul XR-1
Pyromania Tour
[img src=]9450Steve's Gibson Les Paul XR-1
[img src=]8770Steve's Gibson Les Paul Standard
[img src=]7310Steve live with Alvarez Dreadnought acoustic guitar
He would play the introduction to "Foolin'" on this guitar